June 7, 2007


These notes were prepared by Suzanne Godin to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.

Present: Dan Cecil, Scott Pakulski, Dave Brochu, Suzanne Godin, Wendy Houlihan, Coral Sandler, Jake Viola, Ellen Brasier, Sylvia Greer, Randy Martin, Kevin Woodhouse, Jeanne Crocker, Brian Ladderbush (Harriman intern), Dennis Welch, Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Sr., Carrie Hall-Indorf and Mark Reuscher.

1. Welcome – review of agenda

  • Approved

2. Approval of minutes from May 10, 2007

3. Updates from Scott and Dan

  • 3D model of project
  • Scott, Dan and Brian presented a preliminary 3D model of the project
  • Process – shows design and phasing
  • Dave asked for more information regarding the sunshades on windows.
  • Geo-thermal updates
  • No further updates

4. Update re City Council Meeting, May 21, 2007

    • Pleased with Council Approval
    • Carrie and Ralph both spoke to the project at the City Council meeting, May 21, 2007.
    • Carrie was very eloquent with her support of the project and Ralph reminded the Council that the project was for children.
    • Dan was able to speak to some of the misperceptions that had been presented.
    • The Council supported the referendum 5-2.
    • The issue of building on the golf course continues to be raised. Dan suggested putting 8-10 bullets on the web addressing the issue,

5. Review of timeline of steps (major agenda item)

  • Completed
  • To be completed
  • To be planned
    • Carrie indicated Police Department website list of Neighborhood organizations/Booster etc.
    • Carrie will generate the list and bring to June 21 st meeting.
    • Videotape tour for SPTV was filmed, it’s being edited. Steve will email Julie York for a projected timeline for completion.
    • Video Production class infomercial – FALL
    • Displays at K-12 Art Show – Not Done – DROPPED
    • Work on script for presentation. Wendy will pull the outline Dan/Scott prepared for the City Council presentation / Rotary distribute to committee June 21 st
    • Kevin meets 1 st/2 nd week of August with Boosters. Appropriate time for meeting with Dan/Scott/Committee Members
    • Develop literature for forums – Dan distributed a flyer developed by the Public Information committee (outside of school dept) in Westbrook. Projected for late Summer/Fall
    • Who might be appropriate for group testimonials - Sylvia/Molly/Angela Griffiths?
    • Also develop 1 page not advocating but information to be handed out by committee. PLAN BROCHURE
    • Community Forums – are there groups that meet year round that we could test drive --- Bounce off Suzanne’s meetings.
    • Website – Dan has more information to add to the website. Drawings including phasing will be website ready soon.

6. Other

Next meetings: June 21, 2007 & July 19, 2007 – 6.30 SPHS library