Thursday August 30, 2007


These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.

Present: Jake Viola, Ellen Brasier, Carrie Hall-Indorf, Randy Martin, Suzanne Godin, Steve Bailey, Scott Pakulski, Coral Sandler, Ralph Cabana, Megan Welter, Ralph Baxter, Jr., Jeanne Crocker, Dave Brochu, Kevin Woodhouse and Polly Ward.

1. Welcome – review of agenda

2. Approval of minutes from August 16, 2007

  • Approved

3. Review and celebration of Informational Brochure

  • Suzanne discussed distribution of the brochure
  • There is a need to decide upon a method for distributing these brochures
  • Carrie suggested getting a list of places
  • Ralph Cabana volunteered to distribute to the Library, Branch Library, Uncle Andy’s, CVS, Rite Aid – Mill Creek area
  • Jake – Hannaford, Shaws, ­­­­­Smaha’s
  • Ralph Baxter will be the central location for storing and for people to go to in order to get supplies for distribution.
  • Jake will check with the housing authority
  • Coral volunteered to distribute to the Convenience Stores, DiPietros and Q Street
  • Ralph Baxter suggested providing a supply to the redemption centers
  • Ralph Cabana volunteered to distribute to the South Portland House of Pizza
  • Ellen will take brochures to City Hall, Community Center and Redbank Community Center
  • Door to door – two weeks before the election
  • Could we work with the PAC and have them hand out some?
  • Maybe could use students if we provided information to them so they could respond to questions
  • Jeanne suggested asking for volunteers from the student senate and the key club
  • Would be a good idea to get the middle school students involved
  • PTA parents were suggested
  • Try to complete distribution by 10/21
  • Added another tour on 11/3 – tours at 1, 3 and 5 PM
  • Added additional tours on 10/6 after the Football game at 4 PM
  • Tour staffing
    • September 24 - 6.30 PM – Carrie, Jeanne, Megan, Jake and Ralph Cabana
    • September 30 - 1, 3, 5 PM – Dave, Steve and Jake
    • October 6 - after game – Coral, Polly, Jeanne and Ralph Baxter
    • October 21 - 1 PM (Coral), 3 PM (Jake), 5 PM (Jake) – Suzanne, Dave, Ralph Baxter and Jeanne
    • November 3 – 1 PM (Jake), 3 PM (Coral), 5 PM (Coral)– Carrie, Dave, Randy, and Jeanne
  • Scott will bring tour maps to the next meeting
  • Stack of Brochures at the Board of Education meetings

4. Review of FAQ’s for website posting – ready to go to Sarah?

  • Suzanne will work with Sarah on setting up the FAQ’s on the website

5. PAC update

  • Randy shared the information that was handed out at Brown School tonight by the PAC SPHS - YES

6. Timeline update – next steps

  • Kevin talked to the Boosters Clubs regarding scheduling of a meeting with them on the project
    • Boosters meeting September 10 th at the High School Library at 6 PM – Kevin, Scott/Dan and Jeanne
  • Senior housing has not responded to a request to set up a meeting
  • September 11 – 7 th and 8 th grade open houses at Memorial – Ralph Baxter
  • September 20 – Skillin Ice Cream Social – Megan will go 6:30 PM
  • September 20 – Mahoney Parent Meeting – Jeanne will go at 6 PM
  • Absentee ballots are probably going to be available the first week of October – Ralph Cabana will get some from Susan Mooney to hand out at the homecoming game.
  • Letter to the editors – Ralph Cabana will write
  • Suzanne will contact the newspaper media to ask them to write some stories about the school.
  • Email CO receptionist about where the brochures are left
  • Jake and Coral want to start having meetings with students – will invite Harriman

7. Other

  • End of last week, meeting on light at Highland and Evans – the City will explore funding a study of traffic flow on Highland Avenue to determine if a light is warranted at that stop.
  • Storm water meeting with City Staff, Harriman, Dave and Suzanne – there was discussion of a previous agreement between the City and the DEP to build the Community Center Retention Distribution pond somewhat bigger than originally planned so that DEP would accept the pond as meeting the requirements for the Community Center. Harriman and Tex Haeuser are working to locate documentation and calculations.

**Next meeting: September 13 , 2007 – 6.30 PM Please note the change in location: SPHS Auditorium Stage**