Thursday September 13, 2007


These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.

Present: Suzanne Godin, Megan Welter, Randy Martin, Ralph Cabana, Ralph Baxter, Dan Cecil, Steve Bailey, Ellen Benson, Dave Brochu, Molly Aldrich, Kathy Germani, Ralph Baxter, Jr., and Polly Ward.

1. Welcome – review of agenda

2. Approval of minutes from August 30, 2007

  • One correction – Ralph Cabana is not on the tour for 9/24 rather he is on the tour for 10/6

3. Informational Brochure distribution – updates

  • Ralph Baxter took some additional brochures to City Hall
  • Molly will take brochures for the Betsy Ross House
  • Ellen suggested making labels to put over the “New Auditorium” label on the back page – Steve will ask Christen to take brochures and labels to Ellen’s class where students will put the labels on.
  • Kathy said she needs brochures for the Open House next week – 2 Bundles – Dave will get them to Mahoney
  • Molly will provide language for the PTA newsletter
  • Schedule of tours on SPTV – will go on next week
  • Suzanne will contact Holy Cross – brochures have been dropped off there
  • Dave suggested the VFW
  • Ralph Baxter suggested Broadway Gardens to see if we could have brochures there
  • Suzanne will ask Kevin is there is a place at Wainwright to leave the brochures
  • Need a plan to distribute the brochures door-to-door
  • Steve and Suzanne will bring the City Maps next meeting so that they can be divided up for door-to-door brochure distribution
  • Brochures need to go out in totes – Check with Small, Kaler and Skillin

4. Tour, Presentation and Display updates

  • Suzanne passed out a revised Distribution, Presentation and tour Schedule
  • Steve went to the Housing Authority – 1700 Broadway – and took some brochures there when he did a presentation – he reported out.
  • Steve will contact Landry Village and email Jake about Ridgeland Senior Housing to set up a presentation
  • Elementary PTA meetings to be held at the High School, followed by a tour
    • Kaler PTA -Oct 1 - 6PM -Steve and Ralph Cabana
    • Brown and Dyer PTA - Oct 10 - 6PM - Ralph Cabana
    • Small PTA – Oct 16 – 6PM – Steve
  • Boosters meeting – Scott said that the meeting with Boosters went very well.
  • Need to prepare a one page listing of all the tours to go in the totes and newsletters
  • September 17 th meeting with the abutters – at SPHS
  • Steve will talk with Tony Vigue about a “telephone call-in” program to be taped for future airing on Channel 3.

5. PAC update?

  • Chris Breau and Craig Roberts – PAC had a meeting last night – have put together a one-page sheet on the project.

6. Timeline update – next steps

7. Other

  • Steve talked to Linda Fullerton of the Current – who contacted him about the project – she took some photos of the project boards
  • Amanda Estes and Randy Billings have requested information on the project
  • Suggested that the Kids First radio program might be used.
  • Try to contact former alumni to tell them about the project
  • Try to get full membership at the 9/27 meeting – email about the meeting early

** Next meetings: September 27, 2007 and October 11, 2007