July 17, 2008





These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.


Present:  Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Dave Brochu, Ralph Cabana, Jeanne Crocker, Kathy Germani, Suzanne Godin, Carrie Hall-Indorf, Randy Martin, Scott Pakulski, Eric Potvin, Coral Sandler, Jake Viola, and Polly Ward.


  1. Welcome - Carol Marcoux, new committee member, and Tex Haeuser, Director of Planning and Development, City of South Portland were introduced. Coral Sandler was recognized for her years of participation on the SSFC.


  1. Minutes of June 5, 2008

• Approved


  1. Conversation with Tex Haeuser regarding alternative building sites.

• Tex started with all sites in South Portland that are the same size or larger than the existing high school site. The current high school site is 25.75 acres.

• Group 1 properties are not realistic possibilities for the high school site.

• He reviewed Group 2 and Group 3 properties for availability, cost, area uses compatibility, site constraints, environmental impact, recreation impact, travel distance, transit access and property restrictions.

• Cox Farm may not really fit due to the site configuration.

• The current SPHS site is the best site that we have available, based on Tex’s analysis.

• This is the first item in a public forum presentation – Item 1 would be site selection, preferably presented by Tex.


  1. Review of Revised Scheme I and Scheme J


Packets on I & J include quick cost modeling on each scheme. Regarding both schemes, gross square footage is not much different than the scheme that went to referendum, with the exception of no second gym.

• New costs for demolition of Beal Gym.

• 6% per year increase in the cost of construction.

• It may make sense to have an independent estimator look at the numbers.

• Need to have more meetings with small groups of people.

• 3 Prong Approach

◦ High School Project as a whole

◦ Maintenance requirements - 1, 3 & 5 years out

◦ Middle Schools

• Discussion of the most effective way to proceed on the high school.

◦ Is there a scheme that will be able to be phased?

• Advisory Referendum:

◦ Need to put together priority maintenance/renovations

◦ Can any of the plans that we’ve looked at be phased?

◦ What would it be like if we did a full project?


  1. Alternative Meeting Sites for SSFC

• Do we hold our meetings at different locations such as at the elementary schools?

• Should we have the press there and give the public an opportunity to ask questions and get answers?

• Jake suggested the use of study circles.

• Beginning with the August meeting, schedule each of the next five meetings in the elementary schools or other locations that are accessible in each of the 5 voting districts.


  1. Communications

• There were no communications


  1. Other

• Suzanne updated the Committee on the work being done at the high school to remediate the water infiltration problem. There have been a number of unanticipated conditions that have arisen and the contractor has been very responsive. Work began on the Mountain View side of the high school, and has now progressed toward the auditorium.

• The next meeting of the Secondary School Facilities Committee is August 14, 2008.

◦ Harriman Associates will give a presentation on phasing Scheme I.

◦ We’ll be asking Pat Cloutier (Pollution Abatement Director) to talk about water issues

◦ Harriman Associates will ask Frank Crabtree to attend.