August 14, 2008





These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.


Present:     Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Jr., Ralph Baxter, Sr., Tom Blake, Dave Brochu, Ralph Cabana, Dan Cecil, Jeanne Crocker, Carol Marcoux, Randy Martin, Gene Swiger, Polly Ward, Megan Welter, and Jake Viola. Frank Crabtree-Harriman Associates.


Guests:      Mike Eastman, Rick Carter – School Board; Mark Gandolfo and Ann Smith – Public; Jim Keithly – WMTW.



Community Dialogue


Ralph Baxter, Jr. introduced the Community Dialogue. The new plan for South Portland High School does not include a second gym or turf field. We’re working hard toward a green building proposal. Currently gathering data regarding the Middle School plans for when the State opens applications. Dave will provide 1-3-5 year maintenance requirements at the September meeting. We’re working hard to compact the building. Tex Haeuser was here at the last meeting and reviewed other possible high school sites with the Committee. His finding was that the current site is the best site.


1.  Questions to consider:

A.     Keep Beal Gym and refurbish it?                     Y-1; N-3

1)     A question was raised about the cost of Beal Gymnasium.

a)     New gym – approximately $4 million

b)     Renovate gym – approximately $3 million

i)  Need to see hard figures on the cost of renovating Beal Gym.

2)     What’s most important is the bottom line.

3)     The more green that the project is, the more likely it is people will support it.

B.     Demolish Beal Gym and revise footprint?      Y-3; N-1

1)     If Beal is demolished, is there a secondary savings by permitting us to shrink the footprint?

a)     Significant square footage savings.

2)  Has there been any thought to reducing the footprint by keeping Beal as a stand alone, but also getting rid of the annex and shrinking the rest of the school?

3)  People in the community want to see Beal Gym kept, just fix it.

C.    Vote on one project to include all work?         Y-1; N-2

D.    Phase project with multiple votes?                   Y2;  N-1


2.  Put together something on public television – Power Point presentation to get the folks who watch.

A.     Tours of the high school are where the real data are.

3.  Need to talk with the Municipal side to see what they will be proposing for infrastructure upgrades.



Secondary Schools Facilities Committee Meeting


1.  Welcome – Introduction of Pat Cloutier, Director of Water Resource Protection


2.  Minutes of July 17, 2008

A.  Approved


3.  Review of Revised Scheme I

Scheme I is the easier of the two (I & J) to phase

A.  Square Footage

1)  The schemes that we are looking at are squeezed as much as can be done – we are at less than Scarborough High School for the same number of kids.

2)  The only way to get to smaller square footage would be to reduce the number of students for whom we are building.

3)  Demolition of the annex is a priority

4)  Keep numbers smaller -  $20 M, $30 M, $40 M schemes

            a)  Try to get to numbers that may be more palatable

B.  Phasing

1)     Build the new gym first, then take Beal down to build new classroom spaces.

2)     Phase I would build most of the classroom spaces – no portables needed

3)     Phase II – demolish annex and library – may be able to do with 0-3 trailers (minimal)

4)     Phase III – miscellaneous renovations

5)     The next step is to make sure that all required spaces are included in the plans in each phase.

6)     Phasing will create chaos for hundreds of kids over an extended period of time.

7)     We need to look at the numbers for each phase if high performing LEED standards are met

C.  Costing – rough $/sq. foot numbers

1)     2010 dollars

a)  Phase I - $38 M - $42 M, total project cost

b)  Phase II - $20 M - $23 M, total project cost

c)  Phase III - $13 M - $15 M, total project cost

      2)  For Phase II and Phase III, need to add 5-6% compounded for inflation for each year beyond 2010 that construction is done.

            D.  Information

1)  Community needs to understand the reasons why we are making some of the decisions we are making.

2)  The suggestion was made that we engage a public relations firm to tell us how to get the message out.

3)  We need to present to the community the best project that we can at the best possible price.


4.  Conversation with Pat Cloutier and Frank Crabtree regarding water/drainage & DEP issues with the current SPHS site.

A.     The history of the site was reviewed.

1)     1996, Auditorium – was not required to be permitted in accordance with DEP regulations in place at that time.

2)     2000, Community Center – never went to DEP; was not permitted because the school bus parking area was traded for a larger detention pond.

B.     DEP said that if voters reject the High School project, it needs to go back to the DEP for review of permitting requirements.

1)     Harriman considers that we are still in the process of seeking voter approval

2)     Anything built since 1975 needs to be reviewed by DEP using current existing rules


5.  Meeting Dates/Sites for Next Four Meetings

A.     September 11, Dyer School at 6:00 p.m. with Community Dialogue

B.     September 25, Kaler School at 6:00 p.m. with Community Dialogue

C.    October 9, Brown School at 6:00 p.m. with Community Dialogue

D.    October 23, Small School at 6:00 p.m. with Community Dialogue


6.  Survey Question Development for the November Election

A.     Suzanne called after the last meeting to talk with Jim Gailey about an advisory referendum – we could have a single question with a yes or no answer.

B.     We could have door-to-door surveys

C.    We could have exit interviews at the November election

D.    Bring the survey questions back to the next meeting – We are in agreement that we want to have some way of getting feedback during the November election.