December 4, 2008





These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.


Present:  Molly Aldrich, Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Sr., Ralph Baxter, Jr., Ellen Benson, Tom Blake, Dan Cecil, Jeanne Crocker, Kathryn Germani, Suzanne Godin, Carrie Hall-Indorf, Carol Marcoux, Randall Martin, Scott Pakulski, Gene Swiger, Jake Viola, Polly Ward, Megan Welter, Kevin Woodhouse.


Guests:  Roger Allen – Public.



1        Welcome

Originally scheduled item on the agenda regarding “green building” technology has been put on hold for now.


2        Approval of Minutes from November 20, 2008 meeting.

A.     Approved


3        Review of Data and Comments from SPHS Survey

A.     Steve distributed the results of the survey on the High School that was conducted in conjunction with the November 2008 general election.

1)     There were 1570 returns.

2)     ¾  of those who responded support renovation/reconstruction to the high school

3)     ¾ of those responding support using green building technologies

4)     36% support $0 – 20 million to pay for this project

5)     23% don’t know/not sure how much they would support for the project

B.  People who were handing out the survey perceived that senior citizens were less enthusiastic about completing the survey as were people who did not know much about the high school building issues.

C.    The information gathered from the survey will be shared with the Board of Education before it will be shared more publicly.

1)     Steve will email the compilation of comments to members of the Committee

2)     The statistical information will be added to the SSFC link of the SPSD website

3)     Suzanne will be talking to the press about the results of the survey


4        Continuation of School Updates (Mahoney, Memorial, SPHS)

A.     Since the last meeting, the language on the electrical upgrades has been done – the dollar amounts still need to be updated.

1)     These reports will be cleaned up for the 12/8/08 School Board workshop meeting

B.     There will be a field visit to the High School before the 12/18/08 SSFC meeting. Additionally, the SPHS 1-3-5 year maintenance needs report will be finalized for the 12/18/08 SSFC meeting.

C.    Suzanne, Steve, and others will look at the 1-3-5 phasing to see if each of the items is in the phase that is most appropriate.

1)     Dollar amounts are in the ballpark – they will be refined – probably within 5% of the total actual numbers.

D.    There will be a presentation to the Board of Education on 12/8/08 – we would like to have this workshop televised.

1)     Ralph Baxter, Jr. will be the spokesperson for the Committee.

a)     The Committee is invited to the workshop and will be invited to speak at the workshop.

b)     The items covered at the workshop will be:

i.        The status of the High School project design – reductions from the ’07 referendum design

ii.      1-3-5 year capital improvement plans for each school

iii.    Initial site studies for the two Middle Schools


5        Consideration of Next Steps

The Committee had an extended discussion of where it goes from here.

A.     It was recommended that this Committee go on hiatus until we have a better idea of the environment for addressing our building problems.

1)   The Committee may be requested to reconvene by the Board once the NEASC report is received.

2)   Excellent work has been done thus far. It’s important not to lose this effort – we need to be able to do something so that the building issues begin to be addressed. We have to do what’s best for the kids.

B.     Recommend that the 1-3-5 year plans go forward to the Board and then from the Board to the Council.

C.    Recommend that the Committee go on hiatus or meet on a far less frequent basis. Ask the Board to tell us what their preference for the Committee is.

D.    Give the Board the information on Monday and ask that there be another workshop in January to give the Committee direction.


6        Announcement of Meeting
Board of Education Workshop, Monday, December 8, 2008, starting at approximately 8 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers


7        Other

A.     The next regularly scheduled meeting of the SSFC is Thursday, December 18, 6:30 p.m.  – 8:30 p.m. at the South Portland High School Library.