January 7, 2010



These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.

Present: Molly Aldrich, Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Jr., Maxine Beecher, Ellen Benson, Tom Blake, Dan Cecil, Jeanne Crocker, Kathy Germani, Suzanne Godin, Carrie Hall-Indorf, Ross Little, Greg Marles, Randy Martin, Eric Mills, Dan Robbins, Scott Pakulski, Gene Swiger, Polly Ward, Megan Welter, Kevin Woodhouse

Guests: Roger Allen, Sara Goldberg, Tess Nacelewicz, Peter Stocks, Rick Wright

  1. Introductions

• Minutes of December 17, 2009

◦ Approved

  1. Reflections on the 12/17/09 Project Proposal

• Reflections from the Committee members on the work thus far and the work to be done over the next few weeks.

• There is a need to get the word out about the impact of the project budget on people’s property taxes

• Bill Barthelman’s input on this project – Suzanne and Dan Robbins met with him on Monday.

◦ He is a former contractor and has experience that he could share in helping to tighten up this project

◦ He said the project is as tight as it can be – he was very appreciative of all the work Dan Robbins has done to tighten up and keep the costs low on this project

• Brainstorming:

◦ Reduce the number of portables; 6 portables can be utilized; saves $467,000

◦ Greater use of the Community Center

◦ Don’t touch Beal Gym – use the gym at the Community Center rather than use Beal Gym

◦ Reduce square footage to less than the amount needed for the projected full enrollment

◦ Reduction of 4 classrooms from the entire plan

◦ Prioritization of the programs and determine if there are any that we can do without

◦ Reuse of equipment – Jeanne has done a quick inventory of the furniture

◦ May not need as much technology equipment as some schools may need due to the new laptops that we have received from the State

◦ Furniture – could we get from the corporate world?

◦ Could we get some furniture from Ruth’s?

◦ Can we increase the use of Hamlin for one year?

◦ When done, can we sell Hamlin and use the money to lower the cost of the project?

◦ Look at energy efficient systems and identify the difference between these and LEED certification – set forth as a separate vote; $2,230,500

◦ Can we evaluate which of the Green Building Design Components are offset by the costs?

◦ Marry ESCO performance contracting with the project; saves $600,000

◦ Continue to negotiate with Unitil on the running of the natural gas line to the High School at a lower cost

◦ Maine Renewable Energy Consortium should be contacted regarding energy

◦ Efficiency Maine rebate estimate – Greg will provide for 1/14/10 meeting

◦ Could we approach the Church to use some of their space?

▪ Concern about supervision

◦ Are the City and the School Department going to put any money on the table for this project?

◦ Can the City fund the upgrade to the Community Center Storm-water Treatment

◦ Request a waiver of City permit fees; saves $15,000

◦ Revolving Renovation Fund applications may open within the next 12 months. Can we identify components of the plan and estimate what might qualify, and how much we might get from the Revolving Renovation Fund?

◦ Have a Friends of SPHS wall – people buy a plaque/buy a brick

◦ Corporate sponsorship of Community Room?

  1. Communication Plan

Suzanne has compiled the information that the Committee provided as they prioritized the components of a communication plan, the strategies that are important for the SSFC to use, and which are important for a Community Action Group to use:

• Engage the public

◦ Public Television

◦ Community Service Announcements on television

◦ Print media

• If we use an outside organization to communicate with the public we will need to go to an RFP

• We can do it ourselves

• Suzanne has been working with a professor at USM who has committed a group of senior marketing students to work with our students to develop a message for the community

• A sub-committee comprised of Ellen Benson, Tom Blake, Suzanne Godin, Ross Little, Gene Swiger and Susan Adams from the Community Action Group will work together to identify someone to work with the Committee to define our message as well as outline a number of community outreach opportunities we can provide ourselves. This group will continue to look for pro-bono services to support a reduced communication plan.

  1. Members of the Community

• What would this project cost if put on flat land?

• Need for a stellar communication plan

  1. Next meeting date: January 14, 2010 – SPHS Library, 6:30 - 8:30 P.M.