January 14, 2010





These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.


Present: Molly Aldrich, Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Jr., Tom Blake, Dan Cecil, Jeanne Crocker, Kathy Germani, Suzanne Godin, Carrie Hall-Indorf, Greg Marles, Randy Martin, Dan Robbins, Scott Pakulski, Gene Swiger, Polly Ward, Megan Welter


Guests: Susan Adams, Roger Allen, Rick Carter, Tess Nacelewicz, Peter Stocks

1. Minutes of January 7, 2009

• Approved

2. Report Out On Potential Adjustments

• Potential Cost Reductions

◦ 4 Classrooms $665,415

◦ Fewer Temporary Classrooms 467,000

◦ ESCO Performance Contract 600,000

◦ Revolving Renovation 250,000

◦ Efficiency Maine Credit 125,000

◦ School Reserve/Surplus 600,000

◦ CIP Bond 1,781,250

◦ Original Estimate $45,688,109

Reductions 4,488,665

New Estimated Cost 41,199,444

◦ Other Possibilities:

▪ Community Center/DEP $265,000

▪ Gas Line 185,000

▪ Robotics/Tech Ed 300,000

▪ City Reserve

▪ LEED Differential 2,230,500

• Robotics/Tech Ed

◦ The current plan has a vacant space where we had originally put a large mechanical room. The suggestion is to put the Tech Ed and Robotics classrooms where the mechanical room is. There is also a question about the Photography dark room. This still requires additional investigation.

◦ Gas Line – Dan Robbins said that we may have additional information by 1/25/10

◦ Requesting a waiver from the City for permitting fees – this saves $15,000. Suzanne will write to the Council requesting the waiver.

3. Communications Sub-Committee Report

• The Sub-Committee met to explore the possibility of pro-bono support for our modified plan. Don Russell of BrandMe, a member of the South Portland community, has offered to work with the SSFC on a pro-bono basis. We want to get accurate information to the community and to be sure that we are getting to them the information that people in the community want before making the decision on the referendum. Mr. Russell will meet with the SSFC to get information about the project and then convene a focus group to test the information. He will then meet with the SSFC again to refine the factual information and provide tips for engaging the community. He will attend the 2/11/10 SSFC meeting.

4. Planning for January 28 Presentation – Brown Elementary School Multipurpose Room

• We should have both PowerPoint and boards so people can get their questions answered in different ways.

• Cable TV will televise this meeting

• A pad will be available for parking lot questions

• Have comment cards available

• Provide overview information to the Board and the Council with plenty of time for questions

◦ For additional information, the Board and Council should have greater back-up detail

◦ The presentation should include:

▪ Where did the Committee start out with the project?

▪ What was cut from the project?

▪ What does the project cost now?

▪ When should the referendum be? Why?

▪ What does this cost the average taxpayer?

• Dan Robbins will give Suzanne a draft of the PowerPoint presentation

5. Comments/Questions from the Public

• Roger Allen – How will this improve the overall student education?

• Peter Stocks – still believes that the referendum should be in November, not enough time to get the information to the public

• Susan Adams –

◦ 1/28/10 is also Parent/Teacher Conference night at Brown

◦ The Committee needs to revisit the accreditation issue at the joint presentation

◦ Partnership will help to get the word out

◦ This is a full-city project – it is not a school thing

• Rick Carter –

◦ The cost of the building needs to be presented as a solid number

◦ The project needs to go to referendum in June

6. Committee Last Questions/Comments

• Tom Blake – in agreement that we need more time before we go to the voters and prefers a November referendum


7. Next meeting:

• January 28, 2010 – Brown Elementary School Multipurpose Room, 6:30 - 8:30 P.M.

Presentation of proposal to the Board of Education and the City Council