April 8, 2010


These notes were prepared by Polly Ward to the best of her understanding. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Office at 871-0555 within one week after receiving the notes.

Present: Steve Bailey, Ralph Baxter, Jr., Tom Blake, Dan Cecil, Jeanne Crocker, Kathy Germani, Suzanne Godin, Greg Marles, Randy Martin, Eric Mills, Scott Pakulski, Gene Swiger, Polly Ward, Megan Welter, Kevin Woodhouse

Guests: Susan Adams, Rick Carter, Rick Wright

1. Minutes of March 25, 2010

• Approved


2. Progress on Middle School Applications

• Polly reported on the progress on the Middle School application development – there have been 3 meetings, the 4 th is tomorrow, then the applications will be sent to Harriman.


3. Update on Sub-Committee Workshop

• There is a Sub-Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 20 from 4-8 PM at the Community Center. We anticipate asking 6 additional members to join the Sub-Committee.

◦ The names of approximately 50 people who might be interested in participating in the meeting have been collected. Maria Sorenson will start calling people on the list by each of the Sub-Groups next week until we identify 6 additional people to work with the existing Sub-Committee.

◦ The following is a summary of the proposed agenda for the evening: Meeting goals and objectives, end goal; Overview of the current situation along with updates; Key messages to communicate and how; Target audience segments; PR and Communication brainstorming; Summary and next steps


4. Recommendation for SPHS Referendum Date

• The Board of Education accepted the High School plan at the 3/8/10 meeting. Since then, many suggestions have been made about whether the date should be in November 2010, June 2011, or some other date

• The SSFC should make a recommendation to the Board of Education so that the Board can consider it for recommendation to the Council

◦ Public Input:

Rick Carter – thinks the referendum should be in 11/10

Susan Adams – agreed with Rick about November

• There is concern about when the project start would be if the vote is in November 2010

• The 2 year NEASC report is due on October 30, 2010 and it would be advantageous to be able to report that a referendum was scheduled for November 2010

• There is an approximately $3.6 M increase in the project cost by holding the referendum in November 2010 rather than June 2010

• There is a need for the School Board to unanimously support the project and the Council needs to support the project, not just the process

• If we decide to recommend a November 2010 referendum, we need to revisit the reasons why we had originally said June was the best time to start work on the project

• 12 votes for November 2010, one for June 2011

◦ The SSFC needs:

▪ A November Schedule from Harriman

▪ The Committee will need to take the November Schedule and look at impacts to see how we can mitigate the impacts

▪ The cost of the project if we take this to a November 2010 referendum

▪ Harriman will report at the May 6 th meeting. The Board will want to take the subject up at the May meeting – general time line


5. Next meeting:

• May 6, 2010 – SPHS Library, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

◦ Report from Harriman on the cost if the project goes to a November 2010 referendum

◦ Review of the list of possible reductions to the cost of the High School plan

◦ Update on the Communications Plan process