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130 Wescott Road

South Portland ME 04106

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Committee Members

Bill Barthelman

Community Member

Molly Aldrich

Director of Volunteer Services

Steve Bailey

Facilitator/Assistant Superintendent

Ralph Baxter, Jr.

Board of Education/Parent

Maxine Beecher

City Councillor

Ellen Benson

Community Member/Teacher

Tom Blake

City Councilor


Ralph Cabana

Community Member/Parent

Dan Cecil

Harriman Associates

Jeanne Crocker

High School Principal

Kathryn Germani
Mahoney Middle School Principal

Suzanne Godin

Superintendent of Schools

Carrie Hall-Indorf

At Large Citizen/Parent

Michael Kennedy

SPHS Student

Eric Mills

SPHS Student

Randall Martin

Community Member/Parent

Scott Pakulski

Harriman Associates

Gene Swiger

Community Member

Ross Little

Community Member

Polly Ward

Business Manager

Megan Welter

Memorial Middle School Principal

Kevin Woodhouse

Community Member/Athletic Director

Updated on 12/22/09